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Toward Winning Back Traditional Values

Another title for this website might be, 'Mystic wealth'.  The applied values and metaphysics of the Teutonic Tradition have always created wealth in the very best sense of the term. We will continue in this endeavor.  We see effort toward goals as a spiritual value in itself.   We are, by nature, adventurers.  Maybe too much emphasis has been placed on identifying us as 'risk takers'.  We have an innate sense of improving our lives and the effort required to get there. Certainly there is an enjoyment in the adventure and an understanding of how a challenge can improve our conact with essential Spiritual qualities.  If we are 'risk takers' the risk is considered and modified for the greatest chance of success for ourselves and our kindred.  As gamblers, we are strategists towards winning.  We are also world merchants and as such there is an appreciation for the material culture of other societies.  We are also interested in some philosophical enrichments that come from other cultures.  Yet the past has taught us to maintain our own essential mythic phlosophy and not be intimidated by other cultures who might have a vested interest in advocating, and maybe imposing their imagined superiority.  

So this information resource and journal will concentrate on Teutonic philosophy while looking at other regional values where they apply.  If there is a world market we can participate and even dominate that world market.  That we are kind, wise, and generous by nature should not be lost in our insistance on being ourselves. There is a theoretical model that can be perceived, communicated, refined, and brought into action.  Now is the time for us to take some acion in the field of aggressive marketing.  This will be one step at a time, and we will continue with that process we have already started.  Increase in the actual action of commerce will afford the opportunity to enact more of the expression of Mystic Wealth in a way that enriches our essential Being and allows us to share in an enthusiastic and constructive way.  Two Heathen words that are related to our work and the achivement of wealth are 'frith' and 'weal'.  Frith is a state of peace that goes beyond mere serenity.  Frith is a dynamic state of reaching toward and enjoying current fullfillment.  Weal is well-being that includes prosperity, health, protection, and assurance that an all-encompasing  wellness is provided to the individual and his loved ones.  The word 'weal' is the root source of the modern English 'wealth'.  These are holy concepts to us as a Heathen culture.  

Preliminary learning to build a site

Welcome to a site that approaches the Traditional ethics of wealth. The theoretical aspects are important and the applications of those aspects are important. In general we will mostly analyze and apply wealth venture philosophy in terms of the Teutonic Tradition that is responsible for the very word for wealth. The European ancestral culture of the continental Germanic tribes, Scandanavia, Angle-Seax, Goths, and Baltic regions will be the most relevant.

The recognition that much of our culture and venture toward prosperity is based upon our Germanic heritage is acknowledged.  Sometimes this will be done within the context of current and operational principles of Capitalism and freedom to advance and enjoy.    

Generic approaches to mystic wealth

There has long been a connection between work about riches and Spiritual science. Recently I am very impressed with the clues of esoteric knowledge presented in the book, "Secrets Of The Millionaire Mind" by T. Harv Eker. Taking a lesson from Eker that mind science requires action as bridge between insight and riches, I'm going to go make money with some sales and return to this site later. I've returned after making some money. The next step in keeping with Eker's valuable book is to take action toward turning the hundreds of dollars into thousands of dollars. I'm going to go get started on those actions now. That was interesting. Setbacks cost me thousands of dollars in medical fees. It looks like victory over setbacks has to be part of my action. Some assistance in getting my computer to work with programs would help too.

The Viking Endeavor

Our look at applied wealth philosophy will of course indlude the dynamic Viking era and its influence on how we approach endeavor today. The Teutonic world view is way more expansive than just the Viking influence, so there will be other areas of interest. I might as well start with the well known Scandanavian sea merchants and land holders because they are such a striking power.

Farm villages were the main focus of Scandanavian culture. Vorbasse, A Viking farming village in Jutland, has been thoroughly excavated. "The village probably produced a surplus of food which could be traded for the necessities it could provide for itself; good building timber, iron, whetstones and soapstone pots from Norway, and good quality pottery and lava quernstone from the Rhineland." 'The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings' John Haywood (1995). Scandanavian trade with the rest of Europe was an endeavor of sea routes and also overland routes. An adventurous spirit and respectful curiosity about other cultures was not seen as detrimental their own identity. The Norse religion, magic, and ethics traveled with them. When other cultures visited their own homlands they met them with tolerance. However, if the visiting culture had an aggressive agenda of evangelizing or despotism of any kind, there were consequences. A business sense and the famed Norse sense of hospitality would be extended if fairness was practiced by all. Some places of Viking culture in Denmark were Hedeby and Ribe. Because of my Danish ancestry I'm partial to Denmark, yet kingdoms and alliances could extend to many places in the Baltic and Atlantic.

There were many sources and currencies of wealth. Silver was a preferred medium of exchange. Hacksilver could be portioned out into varying sizes and used for a medium of exchange. The means of prosperity were varied and comprehensive. "Some Scandanavians made a living exclusively as merchants, but most were part-timers who also engaged in farming, crafts or even piracy." The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings. It should be noted here that piracy was usually an endeavor entered into short-term for the purposes of acquiring land and prosperity for a much more peaceful life. While the discovery and settlment voyages were often for political freedom and new farm land there were also more lucrative trade routes. They ranged from England to Finnland to Arabia to Russia and to the Baltic coasts. "Wealth flooded into Scandanavia during the 9th and 10th centuries; on the Baltic island of Gotland alone, 40,000 Arabic, 38,000 Frankish, and 21,000 Anglo-Saxon coins have been found in hoards from this period." The Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings. We are going to look at various mediums of wealth and how these can be approached today for increase in worth.

Trade. Marketing. Culture.

This is a marketing website and no apologies are made for that.  The criticism that esoteric knowledge has been diluted and made inauthentic by 'commercialism' is somewhat true in the sense that the old paradigm of detrimental institutions have held the ecomomic poser in academia and publishing.  The answer to this past situation is that Teutonic and Tribal reawakening will take back the ecomomic advantage.  From the tribal Germanics to theVikings to the Hanseatic League to Colonial America, trade and wealth have been the forces for advantageous living and education.

My business is online selling of the best in True religious and philosophical resources.  Also there is the innate inheritance of a family business in collectibles, nostalgia, anitques, tools, and interesting books.  I have chosen to stay at home to ge a caregiver for my infirm mother rather than put her in a warehouse resthome.  If I support us through commercial marketing that should not raise any questions about commercialism.  If Capitalism is the basis for our past prosperity then Capitalism will be how we will move forward.  Theory must be put into practice for success, and marketing on this site is one means of success.  

Right now I'm writing and editing some publications for sale.  The first of these will be about Viking Wealth Secrets.  Other secrets of wealth will follow.  Please check my blog for a related study of how philosophical science can enrich our understanding of mythic culture, tradition, archetype, and magic.  This will be a look at 'Semiotics' and how an admittedly amateur interest in this discipline has led me to some ways of empowering wealth gain.